Science is everywhere and plays a role in everything we do. A sound knowledge of science can enhance an individual's ability to make decisions essential for healthy living and to participate constructively in society. Science provides our pupils with the opportunity to explore the amazing world around them and to develop an enquiring mind.



Throughout KS3 we use a spiral curriculum, so each year we revisit the same themes and build upon pupils’ knowledge and skills.

The themes are;

  • Biology
    • Organisms, Genes and Ecosystems
  • Chemistry
    • Matter, Reactions and Earth
  • Physics
    • Forces, Energy, Waves, Electricity and Magnetism

For example, the Organisms topic involves the following;

  • Year 7
    • Human skeleton, muscles, and cells
  • Year 8
    • Human digestive system and comparing human and plant cells
  • Year 9
    • Human gas exchange, respiration, and unicellular organisms.


Students follow the AQA Entry Level, Double Award Science

In Science students follow the AQA Entry Level, Double Award Science. Also, our schemes of work have been written to include all foundation aspects of the AQA Combined Science Trilogy GCSE. This enables our highest achieving students to be entered for GCSE Science alongside the Entry Level Certificate.

Across Year 10 and 11, this combined science course includes Biology, Chemistry and Physics Units as listed below.

Unit 1, 3 and 5 are taught in Year 10 and units 2, 4 and 6 are covered in Year 11.

  • Biology 1
    • The Human Body
  • Biology 2
    • Environment Evolution and Inheritance
  • Chemistry 3
    • Elements Mixtures and Compounds
  • Chemistry 4
    • Chemistry in Our World
  • Physics 5
    • Energy, Forces and the Structure of Matter
  • Physics 6
    • Electricity, Magnetism and Waves.


Entry Level Assessment

Each Unit is assessed by an end of unit test of 45 minutes, provided by the exam board AQA.

There is also a Teacher assessed Practical Science task in each unit.


GCSE Assessment

For students entering the GCSE there are six exam papers each of 1 hour and 15 minutes duration. Two in biology, two in chemistry and two in physics. These papers are sat at the end of Year 11.