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We believe Saxon Mount School should provide a positive environment for learning in which all children and young people can feel safe, secure and supported in their development.

We believe that however significant individual needs are, all children and young people at Saxon Mount School have the right to be fully included in their learning experiences.

We believe that all children and young people at Saxon Mount School should be able to make the most of opportunities to develop their potential and to prepare for life beyond school.

We believe that all adults working at Saxon Mount School should aim to provide the highest quality support and maximise opportunities for learning at all times.

We believe that learning should be accessible, stimulating, motivating, challenging and enjoyable.

We have prepared a list of values that we believe are crucial in supporting this vision. These values are ones that all staff and governors at Saxon Mount School believe are essential to supporting our vision:

We will strive to:

  • Promote independence and preparation for life after school
  • Promote inclusion and equality of opportunity
  • Provide accessible, meaningful and challenging activities to promote learning and personal development
  • Promote and develop communication and social skills
  • Provide opportunities to learn about and practice empathy, respect, kindness, trust and collaborative working
  • Provide opportunities to develop self esteem and self worth
  • Develop moral, spiritual and cultural awareness
  • Provide a caring, supportive, safe and stable learning environment
  • Work effectively as a staff team, constantly striving for improvement
  • Celebrate achievements in all aspects of development
  • Provide pupils with opportunities to fulfil their potential
  • Promote enjoyment and pride in learning and achieving
  • Clearly share our values with parents, carers and other stakeholders
  • Manage our resources effectively to ensure maximum benefit to learners