Duke of Edinburgh


Pupils will gain practical, team and individual experience in the Bronze Award areas:

Skills Challenges, Physical Challenges, Volunteering and participation in an off-site Expedition Challenge. The emphasis is on developing new skills, working collaboratively and independently and participating in exciting activities outside the classroom.



This is a one year course, divided up into 3 main areas: Volunteering, Skills and Physical Challenge. The units take between 3 and 6 months each to complete and these are taught concurrently.

Pupils are enroled on the ‘eDofE’ course, which enables them to upload evidence of their progress in the 3 areas, before this is assessed by local leaders.

For the Volunteering section, at least one whole school event is chosen. In December 2022, this was the whole school Christmas Fair. In addition, a local or national charity is chosen by the pupils (supporting victims of conflict and RNLI in 22-23).

Pupils work collaboratively and independently to learn life and first aid skills within their designated lesson. The Physical Challenge unit is further supported by the new skills and fitness challenges pupils learn in PE lessons.

In terms 5 and 6, pupils prepare for the ‘Expedition’ unit, to prepare for up to two days’ hiking and cooking their own meals in a countryside setting.

At the end of the course, the uploaded evidence, including pupil photographs and logs are assessed by the lead assessor, in order for pupils to achieve the Bronze Award.

Exam Board: South East - Qualification: Bronze

DofE is designed to help young people build life-long belief in themselves, supporting them to take on their own challenges, follow their passions, and discover talents they never knew they had. When you prove to yourself that you’re ready for anything, nothing can hold you back. At Saxon Mount we believe that these attributes are key to improve our pupil’s life chances.